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Presentations & Conferences

On this page you can find information on upcoming as well as past conferences, symposia and workshops in which members of the Digital Memories team presented their research.

The jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and its impact in Mexico. State obligations in relation to the forced disappearance of persons.

AHRI Conference ‘Renewing Rights in Times of Transition’

Science diplomacy on the ground: protecting researchers in difficult environments

Sixth INoGS Global Conference ‘Genocide And Mass Violence: Diagnosis, Treatment And Recovery? Humanities, Social, And Medical Sciences Facing Extreme Violence’

Workshop: Desaparición/es en México

Hermes Summer School 2018 ‘Vulnerability’

Conference Violence, State and the Political

Memories in Motion: Transnational and Migratory Perspectives in Memory Processes

XXXVI International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association

Memory as De-Facement – ‘Comparative Memories of Conflict’ Seminar

Dance in the Age of Forgetfulness

The Columbia University Cultural Memory Seminar “Silhouettes and Memory: Mexico after Atyozinapa”

Second Annual Conference Memory Studies Associaton

II International Conference Literatura y Derechos Humanos “Nuevas violencias, nuevas resistencias”

Roundtable “Instrumentos de la memoria. Debates desde la Historia del Arte”


V Seminario Internacional sobre Arte Público en Latinoamérica. Intervenciones Estético-Políticas en el Arte Público Latinoamericano

73rd annual Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC) “Microscopes and Megaphones”

X Seminario Internacional Políticas de la Memoria “Arte, memoria y política”

Mnemonics Summer School 2017: “The Social Life of Memory”

International Conference “Placeless Memories: Digital Constructions of Memory and Identity”

European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry

Trauma y traducción en la narrativa hispanoamericana contemporánea

International Conference “Transnational and Global Dimensions of Justice and Memory Processes in Europe and Latin America”

Workshop “Trauma Studies in the Digital Age”

Fifth International Seminar on Transitional Justice: “Between the Right to Truth and the Duty to Remember in the Case of International Crimes”

Seminar “Open Science and publication of research data – what you should know and what you can do”